Charts and Calculators

Need help from a quilter? This page lists free articles and how-to information on a number of quilt related topics, including quilting and sewing tips, terms and techniques for the beginning quilter. These links will open in a new window.

Calculate the amount of fabric needed in a quilt.
Answering the age old question, "How much fabric do I need for my quilt?" This is a great little calculator to estimate how much quilt material you will need if you are creating your own quilt If you aren't sure how big to make your quilt, there is also a chart of standard mattress, pillow and quilt sizes and a free pattern for making a "hot dog" pillowcase with all seams enclosed.

Binding Charts - Calculate the amount of fabric needed to bind a quilt.
This is a handy chart to print and save. It gives both bias binding and straight grain binding fabric requirements for various size quilts.

Easy Prairie Points
Prarie Points are a great way to call attention to the border of a quilt - and they can be used as an accent inside the quilt, too! Here are several ways to make them and ideas for using them.

Half Square Triangles - tips, tricks and techniques

Length Equivalents
Converting Imperial measurements to Metric and vice-versa.

Picking the Correct Sewing Machine Needle
Here are tips on how to choose the correct sewing machine needle for your fabric and your project.

Quilt Terms

Setting a Quilt or Block on Point
We've done the math for you! Here are the sizes and methods of setting a quilt block on point

Sewing Machine Needle Primer
Which sewing machine needle do you use for your project? Here is how to choose the correct needle for everything you do.

Thread Theory
There are so many different types of thread available! How do you choose which one is right for your project? Read this article on choosing fabric for your project - and your sewing machine. This two part article includes a listing of Threads and Their Uses, listing threads by type, characteristics and recommended uses.