Quilt Class Supply List

  • A sewing machine in good working order complete with power cord and foot pedal, extra prewound bobbins, extra machine needles, sewing machine extension table (if you use one), 1/4" foot and walking foot if you have one, cleaning tools (oil, Q-tips, lint brush), rubber door stops to prop your machine or table toward you, OTT light and extra light bulb for your machine. Bring your manual, too.
  • Check with your teacher to find out if you need a specialty sewing machine needle or foot.
  • Basic sewing kit: extra thread (gray is a good neutral color), pins, scissors or snips, seam ripper, tape measure, sewing gauge, hand sewing needles (betweens in size 9 or 10 are usually good), needle threader, thimble, wonder clips, fabric marking pencil, paper marking pencil or pen, pencil sharpener, paper for note-taking, paper lunch bag for and masking tape (or a Bitty Buddy) for cleanup.
  • Rotary cutter, extra blade, ruler, good-sized mat, your favorite ruler(s).
  • Iron or mini-iron, ironing mat, Best Press and an extension cord or power strip.
  • If you are going to be using fusible, don't forget the pressing sheet and some used dryer sheets to rub on your iron to get rid of stray glue.
  • Pillow to sit on, bottle of water, camera, and chocolate.
  • Don't forget your glasses!
  • Last but most important - bring an open mind and a willingness to learn something new.
Additional items for retreat classes

  • Bring extra fabric. Don't limit yourself to the fabric for the project. You may make a miscut, or you may see a new technique or idea that you want to try.
  • Extra rulers in case yours breaks, or you want to try something new. Bring at least one long one and one square one.
  • Bring an extra sewing machine if you have one, but not necessary.
  • Bring extra clothes in case you get snowed in.
  • Put your car keys on a lanyard and don't forget where you put them.
  • Wine, chocolate or other gift for the hostess (or just to share.)